How do I place the order

"How do I place the order?"

        1. Register in orthopedic shoe.

        2. Add the items in your bag.

        3. Finish the purchase

        4. Choose the payment method

        5. Get your order.


Normal delivery is up to 48h for Portugal and Spain, Islands 3 to 5 working days and 3 to 7 days for EU although it may change.

It is very important that you fix the date of receipt of each product at the time of purchase. So if you buy products with differents receptions dates, it is possible that you will receive it in one or more deliveries.

Products are grouped according to their delivery date, forming shipments within the same order. They will be sent independently if the total of the products of each shipment reaches the minimum quantity to access the free shipping (see conditions: shipping costs). Otherwise, all products will be sent together in one shipment, according to the delivery time of the last shipment.

If the payment method is against refund, you must make the full payment of the order when receiving the shipment.

After placing the order you will receive an email with your purchase details. Later you will receive a second email when the order is processed and sent, with the tracking number so you can know where your order is at all times.

Each time a shipment leaves, you will always be notified by email. If, for example, your order has two shipments, you will receive two emails, one notifying you that shipment 1 of 2 has been sent and then a second notifying you that shipment 2 of 2 has been sent.