"You don't want a product and you want to return it?"


If you have purchased a product and for any reason you no longer want it and wish to return it, please contact our Customer Service department so that we can help you by phone, chat or at the following email address


First you should know that there are a number of conditions that you must meet:


    The returned product must be in perfect condition as received, without opening, with original labels.

    The period of exercise of direct a revocation is 14 days.

    In case of cancellation, CALÇADO ORTOPÉDICO must refund the amount of the order less shipping costs.

    Returns will be made as soon as possible and, in any case, within 14 days from the customer's notification.

    The amounts shall be returned to the same credit card that was used to pay the purchase, by bank transfer, or to an account where the holder is the person who placed the order, always taking into account, for the refund, the payment method used by the customer.


* Who pays the shipping costs when making the return?

    If it is a return because you don't want or do not like the product (give up), you must pay them yourself.

    If the product is damaged or in bad condition, CALÇADO ORTOPEDICO will cover the logistical costs of the return.


If you reject the order at the time of delivery and it has already been paid, CALÇADO ORTOPEDICO will refund the value of the same discounting shipping costs.